November Horoscopes 2018

Hello, I’m Jodie Forrest, and YOU are about to hear your Horoscope / Sun sign’s / Stardate for this month. We’ll call it your “Stardate”—can you tell that I was a Trekkie?
Your Stardate / horoscope has something I've added just for you I've added your Theme Song for the Month... Enjoy your Stardate.


 Thirty-eight Special, Hold On Loosely. Repeat after me, Libra: “I like my depth. I like the ways I want to love and be loved. I like the ways I want to see and create beauty.” Repeat it again. And again, as often as you need to. Why? Because the 7th’s new Moon may relate to your questioning yourself about those traits, wondering why you have them, wondering if they’re okay the way they are. Well, you were born that way, and we are what we is, my friend. There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re not being weak and needy; you’re being yourself. Relating to a special person and to close friends in a caring, balanced way is an essential part of your personal growth and your work on yourself. Relating, not surrendering or controlling or hiding. Other people’s work on themselves is different, and theirs, and none of your business, any more than your growing through the alchemical alembic of relationships is any of their business. With that in mind, every relationship contains two people who occasionally need a break from each other, and/or to experience something besides The Relationship. That’s normal. Let go a little during the first half of the month. Find some new idea or subject or activity that fascinates you, whether or not it also fascinates your S.O., or get more involved with an interest you already have. Or find two such activities: one you like solo, and one he or she likes too. Take your mind for a stroll. You could use something interesting to think and talk about and to experience, especially if responsibilities and routines have been weighing on you. They won’t run away. You’re not moving to Mars, so they’ll still be there when you get back. We’re all renewed by experiencing a sense of wonder, by marveling at something, and since you’re an Air sign, the same goes double for you. You may have to be strong about clearing your schedule a bit—start with what should be other people’s responsibilities—in order to make room for that breath of fresh air. It will be worth it.


Truth and Honesty, Aretha Franklin. A frank talk with a significant other may be part of your November, given the Scorpio new Moon affecting how and what you communicate this month. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s anything wrong, but it could mean that he or she may not be seeing things clearly. Sometimes that occurs because we don’t have enough information. Sometimes it’s because we aren’t paying enough attention, or something is interfering with our perceptions, or we’re being evasive or co-dependent. On the other hand, it’s just possible that you’re the one who isn’t seeing things or the other person as clearly as you need to. If The Talk arises, go for the truth, and the truth behind that one, and the truth behind that one, too. In other words, you probably won’t arrive at what you both need to know without being brave enough to spend some time on probing questions and complete answers. If you feel uneasy about the outcome, you could always talk some more, or run the conversation past the most grounded, perceptive, and forthright person you know and ask for his or her opinion. You deserve to have an honest relationship—and you’d like to have one that includes tenderness and whimsy, too. By the way, if you have some kind of spiritual or psychological advisor, it’s time for frankness there, too. The full Moon on the 22nd indicates that you need to re-evaluate the balance between your career or public life and your personal life. You have a tendency to work very hard no matter what you’re doing, and finding the right work is extremely important for you. If you feel as if a drone could be trained to do what you’re doing, you are probably not in the right job. Yet even if you adore your work and it means the world to you, you can still spend more time at it than is good for your health or your relationships . . . Slow down over the holiday and reflect on how we all function better when well-rested.


Sonny Landreth, Levee Town. Although your overall work routines and skills are still in a state of transformation, some of the immediate changes or pressure at work have slowed down for a while.

That’s a good thing, because it lets you focus more on your inner life and personal growth, and/or on your family life and home this month—the new Moon on the 7th affects those areas for you.

If you have siblings or friends who feel like siblings, November is a good time to reconnect with them, especially if you have anything that needs sorting out or if there’s something you’ve wanted to enjoy doing together. Or both! Fun will probably be easier to arrange after Thanksgiving than before; so will planning for more fun. If anyone’s traveling, double-check the reservations or the traffic. Meanwhile, your intuition’s strong right now, perhaps even slightly unnerving. Pay attention to it. (Remember how many times you didn’t listen to your gut feeling and later wished that you had?) Another plus this month is that you may find yourself more eloquent and disarming than usual (although your usual is probably pretty good!). Enjoy that: write a love poem or a song, or play some games that draw on verbal ability, or sweet-talk the family grouch into lightening up a bit.


Kate Bush, Rubber Band Girl. Since you’re an Air sign, “the feels” may not be where you’re most comfortable, unless there are other types of influence in your natal chart.

However, you have some feels arriving this month. The 7th’s new Moon is in Scorpio, a sign whose native language is feeling. It affects your skills, competencies and responsibilities. Do you have enough of the former (skills and competence) to carry out the latter (responsibilities)?

The new Moon also affects how you interact with your co-workers, employees, boss or mentor. November’s a good month to think about how those relationships are working for you and how they, ahem, feel to you. If you want to make some changes at work or in your various roles in the community, get clear about what those changes are, then be confident and iron-fist-in-velvet-glove assertive. The full Moon on the 24th is in your own sign, Gemini, and may flood you with emotions, particularly about other people and the balance of energy between them and you. Take it easy in a new relationship or friendship or in a creative project. Let people back away and return when and if they’re ready. Make sure you’re communicating clearly, especially at mid-month. Let something percolate in the studio while you review something else, or just relax with the sort of old friends who make you laugh or lure you off into interesting adventures. Or both!


Randy Newman, Falling in Love (let me add, or “in like”!). It’s a betwixt and between sort of month for you Moon-ruled humans. The 7th’s Scorpio new Moon affects your relationships or friendships that are in the early stages. Make sure that they’re heartfelt for you, or that they could be. You need intimacy with your fellow feeling-oriented people: sensitive, gentle, caring lovers of depth. You also need some passion, which can alternate between feeling scary and wonderful, but nothing crass. This new Moon can also affect your relationship with your kids, your creativity, and how you relax. A new Moon is a sort of birth: the birth of the next lunar cycle, which in your case means a focus on falling in love with something, discovering or rediscovering what gives you pleasure, and creating. For the latter, it’s better to edit or revise existing work for the first half of the month and leave new material for the second half. The full Moon on the 22nd affects the balance between Responsibility and Reflection in your life. Too much of one can short-change the other, but because the new Moon sets the tone for the next lunar cycle, if you have to pick one of those polarities more than the other, I’d go for Reflection. As for Responsibility, its focus is probably on making sure that you manage the important details of yours—the day of that major appointment, the correct address for the important papers, etc. Not all details are important, so don’t overdo it. A family member or roommate may be going through a temporary need to retreat or for time alone. It’s probably nothing serious, and you can use the time for yourself.


Jessie J, Who You Are. You’ve embarked on an approximately seven-year process of becoming more completely yourself, Taurus, that began last May.

Right now, you’re starting a breather from that process for the next several months. But don’t ignore that individuation process, because these several months are both an excellent time to consider and integrate how you’ve felt about yourself since May, and to consider what you want in the future. Specifically, pay attention to anywhere you’ve felt like an imposter, and to areas in your life where it’s seemed hard to have a say in who you are, what you’re doing, and what you plan to do.

If an important relationship has felt out of balance or different in a challenging way, November’s a good month to figure out why. It may not be the best month to talk about it with that person, however, both because you’re still gathering and processing information, and because communication can be more difficult until Mercury’s fully direct on Dec. 10th. Also, Venus, your ruling planet and that of relating, isn’t fully direct until Nov. 24th, so let yourself just think instead of talk for a while. Above all, maintain your self-esteem. You deserve to breathe freely and be yourself; you deserve to be happy and fulfilled. What sort of person do you want to be, now and in the future? What would an authentic, meaningful life for you look like? Let your imagination play with these questions!


Peter Gabriel, Come Talk to Me. Re-la-tion-ships are the focus in November. Be respectful and open-minded in dialog. If your partner wants a time out because he or she needs more time before resuming a conversation, accept it with grace. Communicate carefully, make sure you’re understood, and that you understand what your partner means. It’s well worth taking the time and attention to do this, particularly since you’re apt to be more subjective than usual this month. Be mindful that you and your partner stay in the here and now while you’re talking. As novelist Stephen King says, “The past is a ghost which haunts our present lives constantly.” See and react to each other as you are today, not as your parents or your exes may have been. If any “ghosts” from your past show up, Aries, they may have to do with old anger, fear, confusion, or circumstances where you felt constricted or controlled. Keep your temper and make sure you have all the relevant facts. The mood should be lighter later in the month, so enjoy some storytelling around the Thanksgiving table. (Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart once compared learning to play the drums to learning to dance sitting down—watch Gabriel’s loose-limbed drummer, Manu Katché, in this video from Gabriel’s “Secret World” tour, and you’ll see what Hart meant.)


What Matters Most, by Wes King, performed by Paul Colman. You need some brand-new ideas, and a change of scene wouldn’t hurt you either. Perspective is what it’s all about in November, Pisces. Yours. On life, on other cultures, on how and what people choose to learn, and on how they arrive at what they think is Right and Wrong. Expect to do some reassessing of your beliefs and those of others, perhaps some long-cherished ones, perhaps some you’d never encountered before. Ask lots of questions; they’re more important than answers. You have a couple of tasks this month, too. One: Be courageous. Stand up for yourself. Set boundaries with anyone trying to make decisions for you rather than with you, particularly about your health. You’re unusually sensitive to your environment and any substances it contains in November, so think about making your surroundings as non-toxic and nurturing as possible. If you’ve been thinking about getting an air cleaner, ionizer, salt lamp or candles, now is a good time. Open the windows. You might even do some fall cleaning, but avoid harsh chemicals if possible. Two: Above all, be pro-active. Take initiative. Don’t drift and let things happen to you; steer your own boat. Three: Strive for clarity in your communication at work or with the public, and with the people closest to you. Said people may need to take a bit of space in November. If that happens, don’t take it personally: it’s likely more about their own issues than about you. If you’re concerned, your intuition’s running high this month, so try to tune into it rather than into your fears. Around Thanksgiving, you may need to reflect on the balance of the time you spend in your public or outer life versus your personal or inner life, guided by what you learned when reassessing your beliefs.


Oasis, Roll With It. Periodically, you have a performance review at work, and it’s your turn in November. But this time you’re the person doing the evaluation, not receiving it. How do you like your job? Does it suit you? Is it a good fit? If so, wonderful! How could it suit you even better? You may be able to initiate some changes in the latter half of the month. However, if your job consistently makes you feel bored, stuck or underemployed, and especially if something about it is against your values and there’s nothing you can change, then you might start looking elsewhere. Use your contacts and your network, and assess your finances so you know how much cushion you have and how much you want to earn. Keep your temper if you quit. Relax and socialize with people this Thanksgiving and bring any new friends along. By now you may be thinking, “But I’m self-employed!” Go through the same performance review, Aquarius. Do you like your work? Could it suit you better? By the way, everything I’ve written about your job here also applies to your role in your community, your reputation, and what people may have heard about you before they meet you. What do you want them to have heard about you? Another way to put this question might be, “How do you self-identify, apart from work?” Are you a mom? Are you in a band? In the local food co-op? How about a hiking club or a painting group or an antique car owners’ association? It’s a good month to shed a public role that no longer fits you, and to take on one that does.


The Who: The Seeker. (Performance from the British show Top of the Pops, 1970—Full of energy!) You’re embarking on a Journey, although we don’t know yet whether the path leads out in the world, somewhere within yourself, or both. Life itself is a journey, of course, particularly for you. Know that an inspiring, renewing and reinvigorating stretch of your trail lies ahead for approximately the next year and recurs every twelve years, too. First, you need a fact-finding mission. Spend some time alone early on in this upcoming year to think about your map and where any (scary) Dragons might lie, before you get others’ opinions about your itinerary. They may differ from yours, and although you may well have traveling companions, you’d do better to follow your own inspiration and your own North Star as much as possible. Hint: one Dragon may involve some anxiety about setting off on your particular road or about leaving a possibly idealized nest. Remember that this Journey can affirm and uplift you and fill you with energy, Sadge. Nests are re-creatable, but an opportunity for this kind of Journey doesn’t come around every day. Rush, covering The Seeker by The Who. (2004. Full of a different kind of energy! They were brave to cover The Who, and I loved what they did with this song.)


Breathe, by Rhodes. Take a deep breath and accept it, friend: You’re not thinking quite as clearly as usual this month. In the last three weeks of November, Mercury retrograde can add some extra confusion to the mix, even for people who are usually good with details. Don’t micro-manage them, or yourself, either. I know it’s annoying, but you have no real control over what your S.O. does, nor over what your friends, partners, colleagues, or group members do.

However, because a Season of Hard Work is still upon you for about a year and a half, you can and should control what you do to stay focused and responsible. Onward through the fog, as the saying goes. Nevertheless, don’t obsess or overwork, because to remain as clear-headed as possible, you should take some moments of purely quiet, contemplative time every day. I mean that, so sit up straight, pay attention and stop arguing, Cap. It doesn’t have to be hours at a stretch! Why take that time alone to breathe and collect yourself? Because your guardian angel, intuition or deep Self, call it what you will, wants to have a private conversation with you, and it’s almost impossible for you to participate in one when you’re working at your usual Warp Ten.


The Police: Rehumanize Yourself. Figuring out what you most want to say, and how and when to say it, remains a subject in long-term processing for you, Scorpio.

This month, its pop quiz probably has to do with needing to be a bit more selfish with a friend, a lover, or even one of your kids, if they become overly capricious or demanding.

Be direct but not brutal, which you’d regret later. Yet if you handle your request well, you’ll probably feel great about it and proud of yourself. It can also pave the way for more calm communication in the future. How to handle this (or any other) possibly sticky conversation? Once upon a time, Buddha advised his listeners, “Before you say anything, ask yourself: ‘Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?’” Your first natural inclination is toward Truth. (That’s neither a good trait nor a bad one. It just is what it is.) As for Necessity, perhaps part of the Buddha’s meaning included asking yourself, “Is it necessary to say this now? Is it necessary for me or for someone else to say it?” Steer toward putting more Kindness or, in other words, diplomacy, into your conversations with people close to you this month.

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