January Horoscopes 2019

Hello, I’m Jodie Forrest, and YOU are about to hear your Horoscope / Sun sign’s / Stardate for this month. We’ll call it your “Stardate”—can you tell that I was a Trekkie?
Your Stardate / horoscope has something I've added just for you I've added your Theme Song for the Month... Enjoy your Horoscope / Stardate.

Aries: March 20 – April 20 January may bring a lot of stress and challenges, or some adventures and more energy than usual, or both. Whether the month is fun and enlivening or difficult depends in large part on your attitude. Here's a good one to adopt: "I want to see what I can do. I want to stretch my wings a bit."

You may bump into some actual or self-designated authorities in career-related matters whom your attitude doesn't thrill, perhaps because they haven't been as brave as you have in pursuing your goals, perhaps because they find something about you threatening.
You may bump into other, genuine authorities with experience and good advice that you could use. In either case, keep your temper, be willing to listen but not surrender, and quietly assess what this person is saying. That's slightly complicated, because your independence and ability to think for yourself are being tested all month.

Choose the "path with heart" for the long run, not for the short term. Guidance is great, but not down the wrong road for you. Taking some time off around the 21st can help you relax and contribute to a burst of creativity, which is more likely to arise when you're not preoccupied by putting out fires or tilting at windmills. Selena Gomez, Who Says.

Taurus: April 21 until May 21 Some of the urgency to be completely yourself has abated until early March, but please keep acting on what you've learned about that so far. How to use the time? Do you have any trips coming up? They could be important for your view of the world and how we live in it. If you don't like what you see, maybe it's time to say so, especially since your words could reach more people than usual this month. Still, please don't take on more responsibilities, projects or civic duties than you have time to do. The ongoing balancing act between your public and private lives needs review and perhaps some adjustments. Meanwhile, opportunities abound for healing in your closest relationships and your psyche, so you might think about what interpersonal and personal issues may still be thorny for you and might benefit from some attention. Remember the fable about the Sun and the Wind? They bet on who could make a man take off his coat faster. The Wind blew harder and harder, and all the man did was shiver and wrap his coat tightly around him so it wouldn't blow away. Then the Sun shone calmly down on the man until he warmed up and took off his coat. Warm attention, something easily given by a Venus-ruled Taurus Sun, helps people open up faster emotionally, too. Otis Redding, Try a Little Tenderness, performed by The Commitments in the movie by that name. Well worth watching!

Gemini: May 21 – June 21  ou're headed for an epiphany, and I don't mean the date on the calendar. I mean you're headed for something like a realization, an insight, or a breakthrough, for some kind of "A ha!" moment. I don't know what it is, but I can tell you where it's happening: in your deep psyche and how it's feeling about your mate, your complexes, or your fears. Something's drawing to a close, transforming, being revealed. What to do? Start by just facing and accepting whatever feelings you're having. Insights may or may not follow. Talk to a counselor if that seems right to you. If it fits your individual situation, tell your mate you've finally figured out why it drives you crazy when he or she does X, or you've figured out why you do Y. Share the insight! A little work on a relationship this year can yield a surprising amount of increased closeness. The fears involved probably include one or more of our basic, instinctual ones: fear of death and dying; fear of aging since it's a reminder of our mortality; fear of intimacy; fear of abandonment. Some of your personal fears are likely among those thinking-primate basics. I don't mean that you'll be frightened all month! On the contrary: you'll have a chance to figure out why you're scared of spiders, or clowns (we all know that the clowns are Stephen King's fault), or heights, etc., which might lead to your getting over that fear. Steve Winwood, Can't Find My Way Home. (Think of it as the epiphany speaking, just before you get it.) Astonishing performance with Eric Clapton.

Cancer: June 21 – July 23  First, a job opportunity may arise that's just right for you. On the other hand, one could also arise that would be a fantastic job for someone else. Which job is which? You'll need to decide that for yourself. Make sure you get all the details and a rundown of the future possibilities of any offer. Either opportunity could be exciting, challenging or scary. Either one could require the ability to say "No" and /or to work on your own as part of the job description. But only one of them will feel like a great gig for you. The other will feel more like a costume that doesn't fit you, a mask that isn't yours. Meanwhile, some relating issues could be coming to a head around the 5th. If your friend or partner seems to have control issues or poor reality testing, or is being less than forthcoming about something important, gently point that out. Work together on clear communication. If your partner has a complaint about you, listen carefully to his or her words and even more carefully to the feelings behind them; it may take a while to get the whole picture. Particularly around the 21st, the relationship needs honesty now, although some humor wouldn't hurt. Avoid taking yourselves too seriously. The Five Stairsteps, Ooh Ooh Child.

Leo: July 23 – August 23  Two topics are likely on your plate this month. One: your responsibilities and skills--at work, in your relationships, or perhaps about your health--vis-à-vis other people's. Whose responsibilities should be whose? Two, which may be related to One: a relationship may need some dialogue, increased mutual understanding and possibly some compromise. The relationship may be with someone in a position to counsel or advise you as an equal and with mutual respect, or it may be with someone close to you. Please keep in mind that neither you nor anyone else should take on any more or less responsibility than should be yours or theirs, unless there is undeniable reciprocity in the situation. Imbalances in that area aren't good for the sort of close relationships, which operate best on terms of equality and accountability. Nevertheless, what you truly could use this month as an antidote to these issues is some fun: friends, creativity, time-outs, hobbies, provided that they're pleasant and absorbing distractions. Laughing and relaxing can provide a much-needed break, perspective, humor, a tonic, and hope. Let yourself go there. You're human; you need to enjoy yourself once in a while like everybody else. And you're not being irresponsible unless you refuse to do anything else. Funkadelic, Can You Get To That?

Virgo: August 23 – September 23  You need to spend some time closer to your roots in January. "Roots" can mean so many different things: your family by blood or by choice, the people you live with, your old friends, your ancestors, ethnicity or age group, how and where you grew up, your stratum of society, your most deeply held values, the highest truths you know, people who share your major passions, interests or formative experiences, etc. However you'd define your roots, you need more contact with them. That can be helpful if something you created--a child, an artwork, a business, a garden--may not be working out exactly as you'd hoped it would. Get the perspective of your "tribes" on that, and on how you might respond to it. And remember: there is usually a level where what you've created takes on a life and direction of its own and for which you weren't and aren't completely responsible. It may be difficult or even impossible to determine exactly where the line falls between what you did and didn't "cause," can and can't change, and can and cannot "fix," Virgo, even though you'd probably like to have a flow chart explaining it all, and even though someone very close to you may not be completely realistic at the moment. That's where contact with your roots may come in handy. Spending time in your "hood" can help you cut through a Gordian knot full of details, and figure out where to act and where to let go now. Don't give up and don't let someone else take advantage. Jonny Lang, Stronger Together (See him live if you possibly can!)

Libra: September 23 – October 23 Your home base, your inner life or your personal growth could use some attention this month. How do those areas of your life feel, and how do you feel about them?

Lots of astrological energy is calling for you to go within just now. Some literal or psychological New Year's cleaning, or facing and letting go of the past, might be in order and satisfying once it's done. There's no need to rush, but starting or continuing probably would be wise. There's no need to rush partly because you may also be a bit restless mentally, not bored, exactly, but you'd enjoy having some new ideas, books, entertainment or events coming into your life from time to time. It would be good for you; for one thing, it can keep you from getting overly caught up in your own issues. A significant other may be wanting more space or self-determination, which doesn't necessarily mean anything bad for the relationship or friendship. If that's the case, turn them loose. Don't let anyone box you in, either. This S.O. or a different one may be stressed, overstepping his or her bounds, and/or exhibiting irritability or control issues. Come right out and ask what's bugging him. Don't take "Nothing!" for an answer, although if the answer is that she's still figuring it out, respect that. In either case, insist that the S.O. be civil, at a minimum, toward you and yours. You might enjoy having a special time together around the 21st, anything from an evening out to a party. Make it as pleasant and non-stressful as you can, particularly if the current sociopolitical climate has really been getting one or both of you down. Beautiful, India.Arie

Scorpio: October 23 – November 22 There may be a lot going on inside your head that you're not finding it easy to talk about right now. One reason may be that you haven't figured out your state of mind well enough for yourself to discuss it out loud yet. To quote a blues poet friend of mine, "I want to be able to talk to myself without arguing about reality." By the way, what I'm calling your "state of mind" may not be anything heavy; it could be a communication-related project. If you're a writer, it could apply to your constructing a plot or an outline, or feeling temporarily stuck, for example. There's nothing wrong with you. Hold onto that: there's nothing wrong about the fact that you process things deeply, and sometimes deeply means slowly. You're perceptive; you'll probably know when you need to give a progress report, when to tell the people closest to you that you're fine, you're just not done thinking yet. Another reason for being quiet could be that even if your argument with reality is pretty much settled, you're not sure how to approach the subject with someone else yet. That's okay, too, especially if strong emotions are involved. Note that there's one important exception to the above that applies to everyone; if you have health concerns, speak up just as soon as you can. Maybe you have some misgivings about personal or professional privacy. Even if you think something like that should be obvious, other people aren't psychic and they aren't all like you--you're a more private person than most. When you're ready to talk about your state of mind, perhaps any confidentiality requests could be where you begin. Paul Simon, Think Too Much (a)

Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21
You're experiencing the transit of your ruling planet, expansive and optimistic Jupiter, through your sign for most of 2019. Venus, the planet of love and aesthetics, enters your sign on the 7th. That combo could make for a good month and year, when you can embark on some mental, physical or philosophical Journeys that can help you become wiser and put some new perspectives under your belt. Maybe you're feeling a bit hesitant, although that's unlike you. If there's a Boggart in your wardrobe, it's likely taken the form of self-doubt: Are you being practical enough? Can you afford to do everything you want to do this year? Is the world feeling less safe than it used to? There's a proverb: Trust God, and tie your camel. You're almost always good at the trusting part, at taking leaps into an interesting unknown. You probably have not always been good at the part about taking realistic precautions to prevent things that could go wrong. This month and year provide you with a chance to learn how. Welcome to your cosmic knot-tying seminar, Sadge. You can do it! Part of the syllabus is getting enough information about everything you want to do and everywhere you want to go. Do that, in and out of the library. It could even be fun sometimes. Speaking of fun, the planet Mars, which rules courage, makes a good antidote to self-esteem issues. Mars also rules competitions and sports, and it's in your fifth house of play and performance this month. A good way to practice those knots could be visiting the gym regularly, playing volleyball, hiking, etc. What if you're more an intellectual or artistic type and not into exercise? Try mind-engaged competition. There's probably a gaming group or a chess or bridge club in your area or online. Maybe there's a writers' group, an open-mike poetry night, or a music jam. Cat Stevens, On the Road to Find Out.

Capricorn: December 22 - January 22 Ready, set, go. You need to be self-disciplined, think strategically, and be an absolutely straight arrow this month.Walk your talk; don't promise what you won't deliver, and do the right thing even when no one is watching. Your integrity now matters and will keep right on mattering, and that includes not using half-truths or silence to make your life easier, because in the long run, it won't. You also need to keep listening to your heart, work hard, and realize that you're not as disadvantaged or put-upon as you might feel. I know that's a lot. Be attentive to stress or challenges coming your way from the home front; you may have something to protect or admit, or some fears to face there, so speak up; don't just let it simmer. By this time, you may be thinking, "Okay, how about the good stuff?" Your imagination's strong and friends can be a great source of relaxation, even though some time alone could be surprisingly nourishing. You may work through a conflict with family or housemates that could lead to a lot more autonomy and less stress for you. You may find out how strong you really are. Jason Mraz, Song for a Friend

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18  A few too many ghosts from your past have been showing up at your table lately or riding around with you in the back seat of your car. Not real ones: I'm talking about powerful memories or old wounds. Why are they still around consuming your energy? Could it be because you've kept feeding and carrying them? Once you've learned from the past, it's best to let it go, although it can be difficult and it often requires some processing first. Make some time to look each ghost in the eye and ask yourself if there's something left for you to learn about it. If there is, you might want to talk with someone who understands you well or is capable of going there, just for a second opinion.

How can you tell whether you're still learning from all of your processing? If you've been thinking through an event repeatedly, but your having any new insights about it stopped long ago, then it's probably time to release that event and go dance with the living.
We need your energy in the present and the future, and so do you.
 Kesha, Learn to Let Go.

Pisces: February 18 – March 20  All sorts of people, plans and opportunities want your attention. You can't do everything and you cannot be all things to all people; you don't have clones. It's time to think about what you most want to do. What do you need? What puts a great big grin on your face and maximum dilithium crystals in your warp drive? If you just thought, "I want everyone I love to be well and happy," take a deep breath and reread this paragraph several times. Of course you want that! We all do. But that's a wish for other people, not for yourself. I'll ask again, "What do YOU want?" Maybe this time you had the glimmering of an idea or two, but a little voice within immediately chanted: "But I can't do that. I'm not good enough; I can't afford it; I'm not worthy; I'm afraid it wouldn't work." Yes, you can; yes, you are; and yes, it will. Thank the voice for sharing and tell it to be quiet now. Maybe you know where and when in your life you first heard that little voice. Maybe it started as someone else's words, but you've internalized them. While it can be helpful to trace your doubts to their source, what's more important right now is not to let them boss you around. You're in charge here. Take some concrete, measurable steps toward what you want most. Feel the fear and do it anyway. As someone once said, "Action precedes motivation." Bon Jovi, It's My Life.

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