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Hello, I’m Jodie Forrest, and YOU are about to hear your Horoscope / Sun sign’s / Stardate for this month. We’ll call it your “Stardate”—can you tell that I was a Trekkie?
Your Stardate / horoscope has something I've added just for you I've added your Theme Song for the Month... Enjoy your Stardate.

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Start the month by planning it out, Cancer, and in detail.

Then go find your most practical and efficient friends, show them your schedule, say you want some tough love, and ask them if your plans are realistic.

I know you’d rather take care of your friends than the other way around, but trust me on this one, okay? Partly because your being nurtured too is also part of the Dao, and partly because your responsibilities are all too apt to be fruitful and multiply at the moment.

While they’re at it, some shoulds and oughts that aren’t actually yours may try to sneak into your schedule. You won’t spot the interlopers as well as your logical friends will, who are probably less reflexively inclined to say Yes to people.

Planning the month and asking for feedback is good practice for re-evaluating your goals for the future, too.

You’re in a long process of doing just that, but there’s no hurry; you’ll be figuring all that out over the next several years.

Finally, wouldn’t it be great to have more free time to spend however you please, including with those strong-minded friends?

Never Bite Off More Than You Can Chew, Andrew Taylor.

Gemini | Cancer Leo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces Aries | Taurus | Virgo |

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