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You’ve experienced some Plutonian loss and transformation since 2008, profound metamorphoses involving your personal, psychological or spiritual past. What you need to recognize, release or change has been rising into your awareness, particularly around psychological wounds or blindness, power and control, sexuality, death, or rigidly patriarchal values. You’ve had encounters with your shadow side, parts of yourself of which you weren’t fully aware, or found uncomfortable and may have tried to suppress.

One of Pluto’s double-edged gifts is detoxification, clearing away what you no longer need. Like lancing a boil, it can hurt. It can also heal. Many of these realizations relate to your past. June’s astrological energies can remind you not to live in the past, not to identify with wounds that are healing, and to live in the present—which is all we really have. That may be why the wise tell us to “be here now.”

The 3rd’s new Moon is a good time for rituals for continuing to release what you don’t need from the past, honor what you’ve learned, and move forward. You might ask your most playful and silly friends to help you design and perform those rituals. Playful? Yes! Have some fun! Although deep and serious transformations are underway, your being able to laugh at what you can about them can help you heal.

How? For example, if you’ve realized you were co-dependent, throw a funeral for your co-dependency. Make it a coffin, give it some good-riddance anti-eulogies, bury it somewhere other than your yard, and have your guests applaud instead of weep. All We Have Is Now, The Modern Electric.

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