July Gemini Horoscope Stardate

Hello, I’m Jodie Forrest, and YOU are about to hear your Horoscope / Sun sign’s / Stardate for this month. We’ll call it your “Stardate”—can you tell that I was a Trekkie?
Your Stardate / horoscope has something I've added just for you I've added your Theme Song for the Month... Enjoy your Stardate.

Mercury Retrograde, July 7th @ 4 Leo. Mercury Direct, July 31st @ 24 Cancer, and felt through August 5th (The Techie Stuff: Stationary planets are felt within a one-degree orb of their stationary degree and minute).


Repeat after me: “I am a whole and worthy human being.” Now write it down and put it somewhere you’ll see it every morning, like by the coffeepot or on the bathroom mirror. Or both, and on your car radio, too. As you’ve probably gathered by now, July may bring some challenges to your feelings of self-esteem. Notice that I said “feelings.” This may seem like quibbling, because self-esteem is a feeling, right? Yes and no. What is self-esteem based on? Probably some of it is connected to how we were treated in childhood. Some of it is also connected to how we behave, what we think, especially about ourselves, what we do, and what we accomplish. For you, Gemini, it’s subjective in that it starts with a feeling, with an attitude, that’s it’s okay to nurture yourself. And it’s okay to have feelings not to be a machine, and to be something other than a thought-form. This month, appreciate your capacity to observe and not judge, and your capacity to ask questions without having to invent the answers. You might ask for a pep talk from your closest friends and set aside time to hear a long one, too. Particularly around the 16th, if your mate is being negative or is obsessing about something, don’t take it personally unless it’s unmistakably directed at you. In that event, you may need to stand up for yourself, or just calmly ask “What’s going on?” and don’t let him or her dodge the question. I Am Not A Robot, Marina and the Diamonds.

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