July Leo Horoscope Stardate

Hello, I’m Jodie Forrest, and YOU are about to hear your Horoscope / Sun sign’s / Stardate for this month. We’ll call it your “Stardate”—can you tell that I was a Trekkie?
Your Stardate / horoscope has something I've added just for you I've added your Theme Song for the Month... Enjoy your Stardate.

Mercury Retrograde, July 7th @ 4 Leo. Mercury Direct, July 31st @ 24 Cancer, and felt through August 5th (The Techie Stuff: Stationary planets are felt within a one-degree orb of their stationary degree and minute).


Whatever you do, don’t chicken out in July. Go have some adventures; do something that exhilarates or even scares you. Stand up for yourself if you need to. Regardless of what your co-workers might think, you are neither a machine nor a superhero, and you can’t and shouldn’t handle a mammoth work load all by yourself. Delegate. Ask for help if you need to. Maybe asking for help is the scary thing I just mentioned, or maybe it’s saying so if people aren’t doing their fair share. Perhaps it’s feeling more emotional than usual. During Mercury retrograde from July 7th through August 5th, communicate very clearly and double-check details, including exactly what someone said, did or wants. Full Moons are a time for taking stock of what we’ve accomplished over the previous two weeks, for compromises with others, and for balancing the Yang (Sun) and Yin (Moon) components of our own natures. We need both of those energies functioning in a healthy way in order to feel whole. An overemphasized Sun can make it hard to take any time off, to sleep late, or to eat a good meal sitting down and not on the run or at your desk. An overemphasized Moon may leave you at a loss for words if someone asks you to describe your most meaningful accomplishment during the past year. The 16th’s full Moon is particularly powerful for you, Leo. Again, don’t chicken out. Don’t let yourself be manipulated into losing your temper or fearing scarcity, and let go of judging or comparing yourself to others. Fight Song, Rachel Platten

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