July Sagittarius Horoscope Stardate

Hello, I’m Jodie Forrest, and YOU are about to hear your Horoscope / Sun sign’s / Stardate for this month. We’ll call it your “Stardate”—can you tell that I was a Trekkie?
Your Stardate / horoscope has something I've added just for you I've added your Theme Song for the Month... Enjoy your Stardate.

Mercury Retrograde, July 7th @ 4 Leo. Mercury Direct, July 31st @ 24 Cancer, and felt through August 5th (The Techie Stuff: Stationary planets are felt within a one-degree orb of their stationary degree and minute).


You may be experiencing some complicated or confusing communication with your mate. In that event, here’s some homework for you. Say what you mean as clearly as possible, and then have your mate repeat it back to you until he or she says exactly what you said. Now it’s your mate’s turn to speak. Listen to what he or she says carefully, and repeat it back exactly as you heard it. You may be surprised at how long it can take for each of you to hear the other well enough to repeat exactly what was said. Figuring that out can take a while. It’s worth doing, because it can also be very helpful in resolving any difficulties you may be having in really listening to each other. Not only that, this little homework exercise can shorten the amount of time you spend discussing an issue and reaching a compromise. Give it a try! Also, please don’t let whatever you’re processing make you feel bad about yourself. There are no good guys and no bad guys here, and no one with a personal revelation about The One and Only Truth—there are just human beings with differing points of view. Sometimes the best you can do is agree to disagree, and there’s nothing wrong with that, Sadge. The atmosphere will probably feel clearer by the end of the month. Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, by Bennie Benjamin, Horace Ott, and Sol Marcus, and performed here by Cat Stevens in the first part of the video, and by M’Shell N’degeoceo in the second part. It seemed appropriate to have two versions of the same song this month for you. I just learned that this one was written for Nina Simone, so I included her rendition, too.

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