January 2020 Horoscope

Hello, I’m Jodie Forrest, and YOU are about to hear your Horoscope / Sun sign’s / Stardate for this month. We’ll call it your “Stardate”—can you tell that I was a Trekkie?

January 2020 

Capricorn: You’re the Poster Child for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, my friend, especially if you were born between about the 4th to the 21st of January. What sort of person do you really want to be, and how can you get there? Pluto rules the dissolution, transformation and rebuilding of what needs to change in whatever it touches. Saturn rules the accurate analysis of a situation and the realistic, persistent, organized effort it takes to change. In your case, the conjunction affects your Sun, your identity, your sanity, your separate, unique personhood with its own wants, needs, talents, boundaries and creativity. The Sun is your sovereignty over your own life. It’s your normal, healthy ego—and whatever stands in the way of your ego’s becoming healthier. For some of us, a lot stands in the way, and for others, considerably less does. I suspect you’ve already learned tons about yourself since late 2008. Prepare to learn more this year, and to do something about those insights. If you’ve erred on the side of a runaway, inflated ego and a very high opinion of yourself, you’ll probably become aware of that. I suggest you devote some careful, Saturnian thought to why that might have happened and, especially, to what you can do about it. On the other hand, if you’ve been holding yourself back for any reason, including other people, you’ll probably become aware of that too. Again, think about why, and about what you might need to change. Try to see yourself just as clearly as possible, Capricorn. You may also feel the conjunction in your body, energy level or metabolism. If you’ve been lax about your health, get some checkups to verify how you are—don’t just guess. Listen to your body. The profound transformation you’re going through can be tiring. Keep an eye on your Saturnian physical limits and don’t push them too hard this year, even if you feel fine. 

Aquarius: The area of your life touched by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is both an emotional and a mystical place. Emotional, because Capricorn rules your solar 12th house, which is one of the three water houses, and the water element is a primary symbol of emotions. Mystical, because in 12th house territory, we de-emphasize our identification with our personalities, outer selves and roles in the world. We turn our attention inward to see what else we might be made of. This is where we step into our inner lives, where we explore our souls or our deep Selves, our relationship to whatever we find numinous, and to however we conceive of the Divine: a power and a reality greater than ourselves. Malfunctions here include numbing ourselves rather than exploring our consciousness. What are you “addicted to”? Substances, shopping, escapism? Aim for “addictions” that bring you closer to your inner life, such as yoga, meditation, prayer or creativity. Are you an atheist? You’ll still need a rich inner life during this time, Aquarius, so think about what stands between you and some restorative quiet time. How much do you need? How do you get it? Where have you been using avoidance as a coping mechanism, instead of using some form of increased self-awareness as a grounding and uplifting practice? When you take that time alone, slow down enough to hear yourself think and let yourself feel. You may experience some extra intuition or inspiration; if so, that’s nothing to worry about. It’s a gift. The more room that you make in your life for that gift, the more likely you are to experience it.

Pisces: The future is real, although it’s not set in stone, and you move further into it with every thought, word and deed, at every moment of every day. What do you want your future to be like? If I were to invent a sort of I Ching hexagram for your 2020, it might be “the year of plans—and following through on them.” Give it lots of thought, Pisces. What do you want in your life this year? In five years? In ten or twenty? Where do you want to be? What do you want to be doing? Whom do you want to be there with you? Write it all down, in detail. Make a mind map or a treasure map; they can really help you focus. Put the map where you’ll see it every day, and don’t let less visionary souls talk you out of it or try to edit it. It’s YOUR map, not theirs. And you DO deserve all those good things! Now think about what concrete, Saturnian steps you’ll need to take to accomplish those goals and live out those dreams, and when to take them, and in what order. Write them down, maybe on Post it notes or 3 x 5 cards that you can rearrange as your timing becomes clearer to you. That part may not be as much fun as the map, but it’s just as necessary. Here’s an important detail: you don’t have to do this alone. In fact, the right travel companions can really help you move along the road to your future. They should have similar goals, or skills that you need but don’t have in abundance yourself, or both. They should be perceptive, realistic, hard-working, and direct about the wisdom of your letting go of whatever you don’t need to take with you. If you know these people have your best interests at heart, don’t let them spook you, even if their approach seems blunt.  

Aries: Your career, your public identity, and your roles in your community or communities are all feeling the Saturn-Pluto conjunction this year. That includes your job title, but it’s more than that. What are you known for? If people have heard of you but not met you in person, what might they have heard? If someone followed you and spied on you for a couple of months, again without meeting you personally, what would they learn about you? Make a list of your answers and put it away for a week. When you look at your list again, is there anything you’d add? Is there anything you’d like to add to or remove from your list? Some of the items on it have probably been in flux for a while, certainly during the past year, and more items may start to shift. You may need to let go of some older roles that you’ve outgrown. You may need to let go of others that are less important to you now or for which you just don’t have the time. Remember that your niches in the world are changing; not all of them are on their way out. Do this exercise again on December 31, 2020. You don’t want the same list at the end of 2020 as you had at the end of 2018. You do want that list to reflect what you feel are the most personally meaningful components of your public identity, whether they’re your job, your hobbies, your address, your relationship status, your group memberships, your religious or political affiliations, what you do in your spare time, how much and where you travel—basically, whatever can be learned about your outer life without actually meeting you. It may take some work, “paying some dues,” or redefining your notion of “success” in order to change that list so it reflects the real you as much as possible, but it will be worth it. 

Taurus: Some names for your 2020 might be “The Year of New Experiences,” “The Year I Questioned Everything,” or “The Year of the Open Mind.” Something about what you believe in, what Northern Star you steer by, and / or what you feel a well-spent life is, needs to change. At the end of 2020, you should have a considerably more fleshed-out philosophy of life than you had at the end of 2018. Will that be a bumpy ride? Well, the less willing you are to question your long-held opinions, the less willing you are to explore something you’ve never done before, the bumpier it will be. The more willing you are to indulge your curiosity and step away from your routines, the more interesting that ride will be. So, take classes! Take trips! Wear out your Kindle or your library card. Spend more time hanging out with friends until the wee hours while you talk about the roots of all the world’s problems and how to solve them. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of cherished beliefs that no longer serve you, and it may involve some disappointment or disillusionment. But sometimes it’s necessary. Basically, you’re assessing and probably reassessing what makes your life the most meaningful, what most makes it worthwhile. That process of assessment may involve some confusion and some reordering of priorities. That process isn’t a sitting meditation or even a walking one; you can’t do it all alone in a room somewhere. It’s more of a living meditation, and it’s fed by new experiences, new ideas, a willingness to let the world make no sense sometimes, and by a full, colorful, busy 2020. 

Gemini: Your mission this year, should you choose to accept it, is to get to know yourself just as well as you possibly can. That means getting to know all of yourself, not just the bright shiny self you show at parties. It means making friends with the part of you that has nightmares, and maybe with the nightmares themselves. It may mean making peace with some of your past selves or with some of your past. It probably means understanding a few events or relationships where you or someone else needs more closure. It may involve a current relationship or event that needs processing now. You’d do well to practice sitting with other people’s feelings and your own, not just with your thoughts about those feelings. You’ll probably need to be patient, and you might face some fears. So does anything good happen? Well, yes. Self-knowledge is a treasure beyond price. Some of our worst missteps in life are taken because we don’t know ourselves well enough yet not to take them. Facing unresolved emotional issues is also a treasure, even though it can feel more gooey and tiresome than Gemini, as an Air sign, might like. Why? Because it frees up energy we’d been using to hold those issues away from our awareness. Face your boogeymen, and what happens once the gooey part is over? You get that energy back! and you can use it to lead the kind of fast-paced, fascinating life that you need. 

Cancer: For you, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction falls in the area of life that we call relating. To your spouse, your partner, your significant other, your good friends and trusted counselors—to other people with whom you have close, lasting ties as two equals. This area of life includes open enemies, rivals and “worthy opponents” of various kinds, too. In the past several years, you’ve become more aware of your patterns in these types of relationships. Are you drawn to certain sorts of people? Does anything about the way you feel around these people remind you of any of your baseline emotional states as a child? What kinds of relationships and people have you put up with to your detriment? What kinds have been wonderful for both of you? As we approach the 12th’s exact conjunction, some of those patterns may continue to become clearer, or you may spot a few you haven’t noticed before. You’re facing the reality of how your own type of woundedness, which likely relates at least in part to your childhood, has shown up in your relationships. Because Saturn is involved, please think about what, specifically and concretely, you might do to help your sane side steer that boat instead and to keep your wounded side’s hand off the tiller. Assertiveness? Counseling? “Come to Krishna” talks? Moving away from some friendships and making more time for others? You don’t have to decide this overnight; it has been and still is a process. Instead of beating yourself up about how long some of your relating patterns may have persisted, try congratulating yourself that you’ve spotted them and are doing something about them instead! 

Leo: For you, the conjunction’s influence is felt in the areas of life we call skills, competence, responsibilities and personal growth. What sorts of things do you do really well that you also enjoy? Are any of them related to what you do for a living? They don’t have to be, although your job would probably be more fun for you if they were. How could you bring some of those skills to work with you, Leo? You need to feel useful, that you have something to offer. You need to feel that you’re excellent at something, some skill or talent, and that you can keep improving there. It’s possible that a need for transformation of those skills or how you execute them may show up, or you may need to let go of a few and acquire some different ones. Whatever you do, don’t equate your work with your Self. Excelling at your work can help you grow—but it’s not the entirety of who you are, nor does it define your Worth as a Human Being. Comparing yourself to other people with the same skills isn’t wise; there will always be people who perform better than you do, just as there will always be people who perform worse. Tell your inner critic (or any undermining colleagues...) to take a hike. What you’re working on is your improvement at a skill or skills that you enjoy using, and if you don’t have any, then you’re working on finding some. Better-than-worse-than thinking, on your part or anyone else’s, isn’t helpful here. 

Virgo: Allow me to posit the existence of your Inner Child, Virgo. I hesitated to do that, because the concept of “your inner child” was and is such a New Age cliché. Nevertheless, I’d like to say that the child that you were, once upon a time, didn’t die. He or she managed to get through childhood more or less well and is living in your psyche today. Why am I bringing this up? Because for you, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction falls in the area of life we call creative self-expression, children, because they’re one type of creativity, spontaneity, pleasures, having fun, falling in love, falling in “like,” and simply enjoying the present. How much have you been able to do those things lately? You may be thinking, “But I don’t have time! I have to dot all those Is and cross all those Ts!” Of course you have responsibilities. Most of us do. However, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the area of spontaneity and play doesn’t mean that you need more tasks. It means that you need fewer, or to be less obsessed with the ones that you have now. It also means that you need more fun, less structure and fewer deadlines for a while. Maybe you need to create something without judging it right away, just for the sheer pleasure of creativity. Maybe you need to make some new friends or spend more time with your old ones. Maybe you need to fall in love, or to fall in love all over again. Maybe you just plain need a breather. You’ve learned about as much as you can from chronic busy-ness. I’m not suggesting that you abandon your family and move to Tahiti to paint, the way the nineteenth-century artist Gauguin did. I AM suggesting that you use practical Saturn to figure out how to delegate and otherwise reduce the number of your responsibilities, because some psychological revelations await you that you’re far more likely to receive during your time off, on a date or in a dance class than you are in your office. 

Libra: You’re feeling the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the area of life that we call roots. That word can mean home, hearth, family-then and family-now. It also means cultural, genetic, ethnic, physical or neurological roots. It doesn’t mean group membership so much as it means “where you’re coming from.” What lies at your core? Who are you when you’ve been alone for a few days? How did the people who raised you—and the people who raised them—affect you? Sometimes our basic temperament doesn’t align with our background. What if you’re an introvert who was born in a large family of mostly extraverted people? What if you’re an artist or a counselor who was born in a family of mathematicians or engineers? For you, this year is about seeing your roots as clearly and accurately as possible, then analyzing how well you fit into those roots as a child. Maybe you’ll need to cut back on contact with your family of origin during this process. Maybe you’ll need to spend more time with them to observe what they’re like. You need information to gain clarity and insights. The good news is that you can acquire some of those insights without necessarily having to return to that early environment, if it was bad for you or is now out of reach. Talk to friends who are cut from more or less the same cloth as you are, and ask how they think having your roots would have affected them. Talk to a counselor, if you like. You may make some intriguing or liberating discoveries, or some difficult ones. While you examine your past, be sure that your core self stays in the present. You want to understand your psychological inheritance, not necessarily repeat it. Since Saturn is involved, once you’ve gained some Plutonian insights, ask yourself: Now that I know more about how the way I grew up affected me, what in my behavior should I change to help myself not be stuck in the past? 

Scorpio: You’ve probably heard that we’re living in the Information Age. What that statement means is quite relevant to you, Scorpio, because in your case, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction falls in the area of life that we call the gathering and processing of information and experiences. What’s the worst thing you could do in 2020? It’s to feel fundamentally bored with your life while doing nothing about it. It may be easy for you to fall into that rut, because Scorpio is what astrologers call a fixed sign. Fixed signs tend to appreciate certainty, have strong opinions and exhibit a lot of endurance. The good news: you tend to have strength of character and the courage of your convictions, and not to be easily swayed. The not-so-good news: you can be very stubborn, because sometimes your endurance and persistence may lead you to resist change even when it’s good for you. Be prepared to be confused sometimes this year, to analyze everything, and to entertain the possibilities that you could be wrong or that you don’t have all the relevant information yet. Don’t bristle whenever someone challenges your point of view or points out a character flaw, particularly if those observations aren’t new. Even if you’re comfortable with those attitudes or behaviors in yourself, if no one else is, then you might think about examining that behavior more closely and with a very, very open mind. Question everything you read or hear. Give yourself permission to take all the time you need to verify sources and to make up your mind about what you think, even if it means changing your mind. If you do all that, 2020 may not be the easiest year of your life, but I promise it will be one of the most significant and illuminating ones—and you’ll be far wiser at the end of it, too.

Sagittarius: It’s a crazy world, particularly lately, right? Yes, it is. But you’re not someone who thrives on chaos. You’re someone who needs life to be meaningful, to work through what you personally think that meaning is, and to live in reasonable accordance with your conclusions. I bring this up not to preach, but because it’s important to you. One of the quickest ways to depress or destabilize you, Sadge, would be to brainwash you until you accepted the idea that life is meaningless. If you felt that way, consciously or unconsciously, you’d lose confidence in and hope about life, humanity, the course of history, the importance of good values, and the future. Still, today’s world makes it all too easy to decide that life is random, crazy, completely unpredictable, unfair and chaotic. Don’t make that decision! If you adopt that point of view, you’re only a short step away from concluding that you’re random and crazy and without ethics, and that how you behave doesn’t matter at all. What can follow that conclusion is a kind of disgust at yourself and distancing yourself from anything challenging that attitude—because the perceived necessity of internalizing it hurt you, and you fear that any new hope would only be dashed again. What I’m saying, Sadge, is that the more you decide that life’s unfair and random, the more your self-esteem may suffer as a result. You need meaning, the way that Libra needs beauty, Aquarius needs self-determination, and Scorpio needs depth. Don’t beat yourself up for that need. It isn’t childish or quixotic; it’s an essential and inerasable building block of your psyche. You need to believe not only in life but also in yourself this year, and to reach for whatever helps you strengthen those beliefs. Align your behavior as much as possible with your belief system, and you could discover a wealth of inner resources and self-confidence that you didn’t know you had. 

Jodie Forrest

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